Love = tree of happiness = 10

Love birds
love story continues…..Mirror of God every man and woman wishes to know his or her origin ..It is the desire of seeing one’ s own image and for that we need a mirror.

Children are our mirror , in their childhood we mirror ourselves as we do not remember our childhood so is the cosmic intelligence many refer as God.

Mirror is the unison of two opposites , transparent glass and non transparent silver,……… the non attribute consciousness and the attribute body,……feminine and masculine energies ,……..both of them unite to form the mirror.

Sanskrit being reasonably more scientific has many more names and corresponding meaning compare to equally scientific language English which has only one popular name…..Sex 

one simple word is SAMBHOG or union with the cosmic spirit…..hence in Many Indian temples ….the union of body is displayed on outer periphery of temple…..never inside…..may be we call it outer course in time or se– or se minus… as this union brings taste of timeless to men as well as to women .

every women and men has a feminine as well as masculine energies within their body and for the timeless union with in a women or men …..this union is represented in Chinese culture as yin and yang or in Hindu culture as yoni and linga inside the Shiv parvati temples…..first it will subtly educate young mind that union of two aspects of feminine and masculine energies is very sacred and should be a prayer of God…. may be we call it inter course as it brings feeling of timelessness or SE+ or se plus

so a very simple way to form the mirror …..

right hand …… masculine energy

left hand ……… feminine energy 

bring them together… like Namaste

the prayer of oneness…..

mirror of God…

so simple

love all

(c) ram0ram ……….. freedom to right copy and share


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